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Reactive power compensation. This is an extremely necessary thing in electricity, when reactive power and energy degrade the performance of the power system, ie the loading of reactive currents of power plant generators increases fuel consumption; losses in networks and receivers increase; voltage drop in networks increases.

Reactive current additionally loads power lines, which leads to an increase in cross-sections of wires and cables and, accordingly, to an increase in capital costs for external and internal networks. Reactive capacity together with active capacity is taken into account by the electricity supplier and, therefore, is payable at current tariffs, so it is a significant part of the electricity bill.

The most effective and efficient way to reduce the power consumed from the network is the use  of reactive power compensation units  (capacitor banks, synchronous motors and synchronous compensators). By connecting the compensating device to the network, power and voltage losses are reduced. In practice, the power factor after compensation is in the range from 0.93 to 0.99. Reactive energy consumption is reduced to 90-95% and active energy from 2 to 10%. The work of electrical equipment is improved, the voltage in the network is stabilized.

The state saves resources – the company funds.


Our specialists will inspect substations, calculate,
select and install capacitor installations and any electrical equipment,
depending on the conditions and specifics of the enterprise, in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

Reactive energy compensation

Compensation of reactive energy in the power supply system of Ukrainian enterprises. In recent years, there has been significant consumption of electricity, due not only to increased production but also inefficient use of electricity by industrial enterprises.


To compensate for reactive energy, we offer capacitor units with automatic control type KRM 0.4-15-1000 kVAr with delivery and commissioning (turnkey). Equipment from leading European companies (LKT Germany and Novar Czech Republic) is certified in Ukraine.

Reduction of reagent consumption – 70%

Decrease in
asset consumption 0.8-3%

Unloading of networks from transit of reactive power and reduction of losses of active to 30%

We will make an installation of any configuration for you and take into account all your wishes




Security is the most important of our core values. This is our first priority.


  • Free TP survey and audit.
  • Power determination, installation, assembly and commissioning of turnkey capacitor installations.


The warranty period for the installed equipment is 12-24 months.
Free service for 3 years.


  • reduction of reactive energy to 90-95%;
  • reduction of active energy consumption by 2-10%;
  • unloading of power lines and transformer;
  • providing sauce from 0.96 to 0.99;
  • improving the operation of electrical equipment, stabilizing the mains voltage.