Reactive energy compensation

Compensation of reactive energy  in the power supply system of Ukrainian enterprises.

In recent years, there has been a significant consumption of electricity, due to

not only the growth of production, but also the inefficient use of electricity by industrial enterprises.

Unlike ordinary consumers  of active electricity  at industrial enterprises in the process of starting engines and other equipment reactive (parasitic) energy is formed, which not only creates additional load on the equipment of the enterprise, but also returning to power lines to the power plant resists active, efforts to generate and transmit electricity.

Regulatory bodies within the framework of current legislation draw up acts and issue fines for reactive energy. Oblenergo forces companies to install meters separately for active electricity, jet and generation, set tariffs and charge.

Industrial enterprises paying by the tariff practically do not solve the problem of  reactive electricity compensation  or solve partly by replacing power transformers with less powerful ones, install capacitor batteries near each electric motor, which leads to significant material and physical costs.

The most effective and efficient means of reducing the reactive energy consumed in the network is the use of automatic capacitor units to compensate for reactive power.

The use of capacitor units with automatic adjustment allows:

  • Unload power lines, transformers and switchgear;
  • Reduce reactive energy by 90-95%;
  • Reduce active energy consumption from 2 to 10%;
  • Significantly reduce the level of higher harmonics;
  • Extinguish network interference, reduce phase asymmetry;
  • Make distribution networks more reliable and economical;
  • Provide a reactive power factor (cos f) from 0.96 to 0.99.